Saturday, 28 June 2014

Welcome to Polca and Coffee!

Hello! Welcome to Polca & Coffee!
We are back again!
Check out our latest products! 
Going to the Vintage , all of them are 100% handmade & hand sew!
We need your support  !

About our name Polca and Coffee ,
Polca because the owner of this blog shop loves Polka dots !
Coffee because the owner of his blog shop loves Coffee and the color of Coffee! taste of Coffee! 

Our Polca and Coffee was established and is dedicated to provide D-I-Y materials and also D-I-Y products which are handmade and copyrighted by us.We are specialized in doing and create D-I-Y gifts and also and your favorite items ! Be proud of your D-I-Y products and creation, be happy to give someone your D-I-Y products and creation as a gift , to your love ones, your best friends , your lecturers . With your sincere of your heart, everything is possible.

With our friends support and your support , we will create more cute products ! Everything is possible in the name of God , be possible , everything is pretty and perfect!